Gratitude is a strong word. It means you are thankful, and hopefully, for many things. I make it my intention to be thankful for all of my life experiences.

As in any job or career, you come across many kinds of people that either help or hinder you. While it seems we may often come across the latter, I bet you have come across the former more often than not. I know I have. For instance, when I decided that event planning was for me, I came across a wonderful person who took me under her wing, taught me the ropes, and because of her support and encouragement, I continued to forge my path as a planner even when I left her side. So let me say, Beverly Harris… thank you for being the first person (outside my family) to help me see my light. I interned at Beverly Harris Weddings and Events in 2009 for my entry into the wedding industry, and for the first time, truly felt that I was doing something to make my heart happy! Six years later, Beverly continues to be that guiding light and reminding me of the correct thing to do. I’ve also met some wonderful and very talented people over time, and while some I met through her, others I forged relationships on my own, and still others crossed my path to collaborate on some great projects.

Like photographers. I LOVE photographers. It’s just a natural way that planners and photographers gravitate to each other. Must be that creative spark (or maybe it’s just working on a wedding together for 10 hours at a time). As an intern, we are there to learn from the established Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator, and through the dance of orchestrating an event, you come to be proud of the work that you (indirectly) did. The credit is mainly given to the planner (and their staff is also recognized), but I’m OK with that because one day, I would be the planner that brings it all together and it will be recognition for my work. I have always been proud and thankful for those individuals whom I have helped bring dreams to life. And I have pretty pictures on my website to show. But, in transparency, I give the credit to the photographers who adorn my website, in which I admired in the wings because it wasn’t my time yet to shine on my own. I am very proud of the work I did as an intern, or as an assistant, and I proudly show that work. Working with professionals such as Lark Photo, Boutwell Studios, and Bella Pictures has been my pleasure and I love showing their work on my site.

Now, I believe my time to shine has come. Soon, I will have more pretty pictures on my site of events and weddings that I have orchestrated. All of them will be credited… for I am grateful for the opportunity to stand among the professional creatives that make up this industry.

I’m also grateful for you, dear reader. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me.

~ Vanessa
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