Hi there!


I am so excited that you are here! It makes me want to hug you. You see, I’m Vanessa… and I’m a hugger. I hug to express joy, excitement, and support. I hug when I welcome people to my home and since you are here at my new website (my home), you are automatically part of the circle! If it seems I have lots of energy - you are right. I do! And I bring that energy with me every day, which works out great because I am a Wedding and Event Planner - and much energy is needed to pull off fabulous celebrations for my clients.

I am the Owner, Creative Director, Design Diva, and driving force behind VSM Event Creations. I am a cat step-mom and dog lover who can never have too much jewelry - especially earrings (I currently have 125 pair. Don’t judge!) I’m also a lucky wife and stepmom, with a Type A personality who hails from the West Coast (ain’t no party like a West Coast party). Oh! And how can I forget to mention that I love flowers?! My faves are Stargazer lilies, but I love them all (I’m looking at you, peonies). Planning parties are my life, which is awesome because I’ve been doing this for over 6 years now. Someone told me once that I may be good at it! I come from a close knit family that always made a celebration out of the everyday routine. Music was a daily staple, along with my parents dancing in the living room as my sis and I were stuck setting the dinner table. When we had parties (you know, where other people came to the house and brought gifts and alcohol), I remember the attention to detail prior to their arrival of making things just right. That was right up by Type A personality alley! The best part? To hear everyone compliment my mom on the little details that pulled it all together. It wasn’t long before I started helping out and was hooked the moment someone said, “Vanessa is just like you.” Yes, an Event Planner was born!

I am so happy that you have stopped by my blog, which is new to me, and my site. I have a brand new look and many experiences that I am going to share — behind-the-scenes, and tips and tricks — plus lots of pretty wedding and event pictures so that you get a glimpse of this fabulous planner life as I help my clients make their events a reality. So what do you think? Do you like my new look? Did you like my first blog post ever? Do you prefer vanilla cake over chocolate cake? Let’s talk about it. (I will do my best to convince you that chocolate cake is the way to go!) Drop me a line through my contact form, find me on Instagram and Facebook, and if you happen to be planning a celebration, let me know and I would be happy to help!

~ Vanessa
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